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82 iPhone Sports Games That Will Get You Hooked


Having a few iPhone sports games installed will surely help you make time pass faster when commuting or waiting for something.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics of the United States, Americans are spending a minimum of 5 hours daily engaging sport activities.

The top iPhone sports games that you will find in our list are having awesome graphics and simple controls.

This makes it easier for you to take your tablet or phone and get hooked by a great game.

If you’re into rough sports or you prefer to manage tactics and teams, there is surely something that you can find in our list of mobile sports games for your iOS device.

NBA 2K17

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, but you’re just as likely to find first-rate hoops action on your iPhone with NBA 2K17. Slick graphics, a variety of game modes, and full court gameplay continue the record set by the series, with expanded gameplay features and physical controller support included in the latest release.

Highlights include a deeper MyCareer mode with a new Off Day Simulator, as well as an expanded EuroLeague feature, alternate team uniforms, and historic players. All of this comes on top of the already excellent package of Season, MyCareer, and Blacktop mode play, making this a premium sports game well worth its asking price.

Madden NFL Mobile

An interesting mix of hardcore sim and free-to-play fun, Madden NFL Mobile combines the franchise’s hard-nosed American football action and tactical play with a digital trading-card system. The game features slick graphics, as well as technical gameplay that rewards smart playbook choices and sound tactics in the field.

Madden NFL Mobile also offers League and Season modes, live events and challenges to spice things up, as well as a marketplace and auction house for purchasing booster packs or extra players to upgrade your team.

Football Heroes Pro 2017

Whereas Madden NFL Mobile goes for a mix of arcade and simulation gameplay, Football Heroes Pro 2017 is a full-on arcade experience that draws inspiration from Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam. Simple arcade controls, super moves and a cartoony art style keep things light and fun, with multiplayer support over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that lets you battle it out with friends.

Like many free-to-play sports games, it’s driven by a collectible card mechanic, with players spending in-game points or real cash in order to purchase booster packs of players.


NBA Jam is a 2-on-2 basketball arcade classic, and the modern mobile remake stays true to the original’s wacky aesthetic and arcade gameplay, while also offering modern features like online multiplayer.

Players can dive straight into the action with the Play Now mode or unlock hidden players and cheats in the single player campaign. Local multiplayer allows you to go head to head versus a friend via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

MLB Perfect Inning

While Gamevil’s earlier Baseball Superstars games featured an anime-RPG aesthetic, the licensed MLB Perfect Inning offers more realistic sports sim gameplay along with its free-to-play card-collecting system.

Perfect Inning’s numerous game modes include a full-on AI-controlled simulation, an offense-only mode, and a mode that has you take full control of your team’s pitching and batting. As players progress, they earn points that can be spent to buy new players or upgrade their existing lineup (all of which also can be done with real cash).

While Perfect Inning delivers a compressed baseball game experience, MLB Home Run Derby 2016 goes for a more full-on arcade experience, challenging players to hit as many home runs as they can in a given amount of time.

Players earn points for both the number of home runs hit, distance those homers travel and targeted skillshots, with end-of-match rewards allowing you to sign up new players, buy improved equipment or grab temporary boosts for in-game performance.

Arcade mode has you battling for points, while single player and multiplayer derby modes will let you battle it out against the AI or other human players in head to head bracket battles. MLB updates the game every season to reflect the venue for that year’s All Star Game.

Real Boxing 2: Rocky

Put up your dukes in Real Boxing 2: Rocky. Players can take on the role of Rocky Balboa and relive the movies by fighting it out against iconic adversaries like Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago to become world champion.

Alternatively, you can chart your own course by creating a custom boxer and engaging in the game’s career mode, where you can challenge a variety of opponents as well as time-limited bosses, or engage in PVP matches against other players.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Sega’s Virtua Tennis Challenge brings the venerable sports franchise to mobile devices, letting players choose from 50 fictional players in their quest to become the world’s No. 1 tennis player. Players can utilize either gesture controls or a more traditional virtual gamepad as they cut loose with lobs, slices, drop shots and more.

The SPT World Tour mode challenges you to advance to the top by competing in new tournaments daily. Exhibition matches allow you to cut loose with quick matches, and you can challenge your friends to a multiplayer match over Bluetooth.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch takes the high-intensity game of ping pong and translates it adroitly into a mobile-friendly form. Players take control of the paddles with swipes, engaging in high-speed rallies against a variety of opponents.

Players can engage in a Career mode, have at it in Quick Play games or unlock a variety of challenging minigames in Arcade mode. Table Tennis Touch looks and plays great, and the addition of a multiplayer mode lets you play against friends in local and online matches.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is the latest of Electronic Arts’ annual football games, delivering slick soccer action straight into your smartphone; it’s also one of the 10 best iOS games of 2016 according to Apple’s App Store rankings.

In addition to the Ultimate Team management mode, FIFA Mobile also includes a variety of short game modes, such as Attack Mode that puts you in command of an aggressive play against the other team’s goal, as well as a continuously updated roster of Live Events games themed around the latest matches and events. In addition, FIFA Mobile now includes social play Leagues, with players grouping up and joining forces in inter-league competitions.

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic

Take to the ice with Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic, the latest in Distinctive Wireless’s mobile series, which adds new game modes and expanded team rosters to the mix. Players can jump in for some instant action with Face-Off games, while Playoff and Winter Games modes have a more tournament style going for them.

A grueling new Hockey Giants mode has teams racing to 5 points, and the Outdoor Series and Live Games add new ways to play for an already solid mobile hockey game.

Football Manager 2017 Touch

For a more strategic view of “the beautiful game”, check out Sega’s long-running Football Manager series, a game that puts you in the manager’s chair of your favorite football clubs.

A fantastically detailed sports simulator that prizes accuracy over flashiness, Football Manager dry, menu-driven interface and gameplay isn’t exactly spectacular, but for a stat junkie that loves all the nitty-gritty details of transfers, lineups and tactics, it’s a dream come true.

More iterative than revolutionary, the 2017 edition features new game modes such as a Fantasy Draft, Online Versus, and Online Career modes. The Touch edition is designed for higher end tablets like the newest iPads, while Football Manager Mobile is designed to work on smartphones.

True Skate

Take to the skate park with True Skate, a mobile skating game that has you swiping, flicking and dragging on the touch screen to pull off crazy skateboard tricks.

Rather than engaging you in missions or competitions, True Skate is more of a skateboarding sandbox, allowing you to play around in the game’s virtual skate park and score points based on the difficulty of your tricks. In-app purchases provide additional content, such as more skate parks and board customization options.

King of the Course Golf

Electronic Arts’ King of the Course Golf is decidedly less of a hardcore golf sim than the Tiger Woods series. The game instead aims for a more arcadelike feel, with game modes for conventional stroke play or trick shots such as hitting bulls eyes or skipping your shot across the water.

The quick-play challenges might be on the fantastical side, but the game does offer famous real-world courses, such as TPC Sawgrass, Pinehurst No. 2 and Banff Springs

Super Stickman Golf 3

And now for something completely different. Super Stickman Golf 3 throws simulation totally out the window in exchange for absolutely wacky, side-scrolling physics-puzzle gameplay.

Featuring 20 dynamic courses, hundreds of holes and a wide variety of hazards and terrain types such as magnets, moving obstacles and sticky terrain, Super Stickman Golf is definitely not your daddy’s golf sim.

Players can unlock a variety of player avatars, ball trail effects, and dozens of hats with a variety of game traits, and can participate in online multiplayer when they’ve grown tired of the single player challenges.

New Star Soccer

If you’ve never really gotten along with classic footy games on mobile, New Star Soccer shows that there’s another way. This is a proper native mobile football game, and it’s brilliant.

Punch Club

Train your MMA fighter into a formidable fighting machine whilst simultaneously taking care of his life outside of the ring. It’s basically a Rocky simulator, which is fine by us.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

This deeply daft casual game somehow nails the rhythm and momentum of downhill skiing with a simple touch and swipe control system.

Penny Time

There are more faithful skateboarding sims on iOS, but Penny Time focuses on simply being fun. It does so by creating a slick, stunt-filled autorunner with a distinctive art style.

Touchgrind Skate 2

This one takes a rather literal stance regarding controlling a sports game with your fingers. The board appears on the screen and your fingers become tiny legs, enabling you to perform gnarly and rad tricks, man! Irksome lingo aside, this is a fantastic title that’s initially demanding but hugely rewarding once mastered.

You can also upload videos of your best moves and show off to your friends, and there’s fortunately no way you can skin your knees, unless you trip over while obsessively performing ollies, powerslides and heelflips while walking down the street.

Magnetic Billiards

If you’re the kind of person who gets off on using cushions to pot the odd ball in pool, you’ll love Magnetic Billiards. A sort-of physics puzzler take on the popular pub game, it dispenses with pockets entirely — you instead clear the table by building clusters of connected balls that then vanish.

Emptying a table’s the easy part, though — the real skill is in figuring out insanely complex trick shots to get to that point, ‘buzzing’ balls of different colours, and creating a pleasing magnetic shape before it vanishes into the ether. For free, you get 20 tables; £1.49 nets you a ‘skeleton’ key that unlocks the rest of the game.

World Tour Golf

With EA having deserted ‘proper’ golf games on mobile for the arcadey nonsense of King of the Course, WGT thwacks a ball and gets a realism hole-in-one. This really is a quite astonishing game, from the delicate controls through to the eye-popping photo-realistic courses you play on.

A word of warning: it also takes no prisoners. There’s no nonchalantly spinning a ball in mid-air when you fluff a shot. Here, you’ll end up in the bunker, then overshoot the green, before multiple putts leave you embarrassingly over par. But put in the practice and you’ll be a virtual golfing superstar before long.

R.B.I. Baseball 17

If you love the realistic simulation sports games that exist on all the major consoles, you’ll love R.B.I Baseball 17.

This massive game (a download size of 2.55 GB) allows you to play the full 162-game 2017 MLB season as your favorite team! Through free updates, you can keep up with all the roster changes throughout the season, so you never skip a beat!

With three difficulty levels to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of real baseball regardless of your skill level. Can you take your team in the postseason?

When it comes to realistic sports simulations in iOS, R.B.I Baseball 17 is a home run.

Snowboard Party 2

Snowboard Party 2 is a surprisingly exciting snowboarding game that has a lot of depth. With five game modes, 50 unique tricks to perform, and 16 playable characters, there are a lot of reasons to keep playing.

Despite being a slightly older game, Snowboard Party 2’s graphics are still pretty impressive, and the game hasn’t been abandoned by the developer. The newest version updated about a month ago.

Snowboard Party 2 is the closest thing you will be able to get to those classic SSX Snowboard games you used to play on your favorite console.

Fishing Kings Free+

Dream of hitting the open water and reeling in a big one? Fishing Kings Free+ is an oldie, but a goodie!

Sail around the world to catch the rarest and biggest fish around! You’ll need gain experience, make money, and collect new gear to become a true master angler.

Despite being an older game, the graphics are still pretty impressive, and the gameplay is really fun and challenging, making it great to play for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours!

8 Ball Pool

Another classic game that is still going strong, 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic pick-up-and-play billiards game!

With several different tables and locations to choose from, you can face off against AI opponents on three different difficulties in the practice arena!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best pool shark in the world? Take on people from all over the world and show them who’s boss!

Whether you want to spend minutes or hours playing pool, 8 Ball Pool has a super active community; you’ll never have trouble finding someone to play with!

Flick Champions

Like a lot of sports? This game has eight variations of sports, from soccer to bowling.

The games resemble table versions, rather than realistic sport versions. However, they’re still more involved than something like foosball or air hockey. The games feature tournaments and various unlockables, and have same-device multiplayer in the universal iPad version.

Flick Soccer

Soccer is most fun when the player can score goals (sorry, 0-0 matches will never be exciting).

This game is all about the set pieces, and trying to sneak balls past the goalie. The flick mechanic is very easy to use, and makes the game much more fun to play than the average soccer match.

Dream League Soccer 2016

Everyone loves soccer and there’s no doubt about it. Dream League Soccer 2016 is a full featured game with amazing graphics. The game lets you create a team of real FIFPro players, build your own stadiums, and take your team online to get acknowledged.

It’s almost like playing in real; the only difference is that your fingers will work instead of your legs. The game is free to play, but it does have optional coin purchase, in case you wish to.

Snowboarding the Fourth Phase

Snowboarding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it required physical fitness as well as professional training. But if you still wish to have the feel of Snowboarding, you can try Snowboarding The Fourth Phase game for iPhone and iPad.

It has high-resolution graphics that will simply leave you stunned. With power packed levels and features, the adrenaline rush will stay on the peak. It’s completely free to play, but there are optional coin purchases to progress speedily.

Flick Rugby 16

Rugby required extreme fitness to withstand the blows given by opponents. But if you don’t want your bones to break, better play the game on your iPhone or iPad. Flick Rugby 16 is a free to play game with optional in-app purchases.

Apart from that, the game offers a selection of world’s best rugby nations, stunning HD graphics, and much more. It is surely a great game, if you are a fan of rugby.

Golf Star

Golf is considered as a game of rich people and to some extent it is true, not everyone can play golf at the golf court. That’s the reason why we listed Golf Star in this list. The game has stunning next to real graphics.

The terrain, players, and entire gameplay have been detailed with perfection to deliver a golf experience like never before. Like all other games that we have listed, this one is also free but with optional in-app purchases. So far, this is one of the best sports games for iPhone and iPad.

World Cricket Championship 2

Cricket season is on and ICC T20 World Cup is on its way, then why not have some fun with the same on your iPhone / iPad as well? World Cricket Championship 2 is one hell of a game with almost everything that the game of Cricket has to offer.

You can play more than 45+ different shots, select the stadium, build your team, and much more. It is undoubtedly one of the best sports games you can ever play on your iPhone or iPad.

Snooker World

Snooker is one of my favorite sports and so is this game. Snooker World presents you with many different game modes that include one-on-one, multiplayer, and arena. The game also offers a training course, if it’s your first time.

There’s a wide range of selection available for cues and tables to suit your gaming style. Apart from that, you can also chat with players by text or by voice. So get yourself ready to lead the charts worldwide. Did I say the game is totally free?

EA Sports UFC

One of the fastest growing sports is UFC. Now you can virtually get involved without getting hurt. Pick your fighter and begin training. Along with the standard dodging and hitting, each fighter has special skills that will be improved the longer you fight. Use small hits until you a fill up a meter where you can take someone down.

Get your opponent on the floor until you can put them in a submission hold and eventually win the match. One of the most exciting features is the live events. Play along during an actual match to earn rewards. The graphics on this game are intensely realistic, you can even see sweat and blood. It is the best way to enter the octagon and get up close and personal with the action.

Jam City Basketball

This is an arcade-like version of a basketball game. It isn’t affiliated with the NBA so there aren’t actual players or teams but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Play as a guy who just loves basketball and learn how to run and shoot in a gym. Once you’re ready to play against others, you have a few options.

You can play in Arcade mode, which is a two v. two game against the computer. You can also play a Shootout against someone random or a friend. Wait for the app to find your opponent and shoot until the balls are gone. Graphics are cartoony, but gameplay is fun and silly.

Super Rocketball:ChampionLeague Online Multiplayer

Soccer and car-racing are two separate yet equally fun sports to try. If you are interested in both, then this hybrid treat might just delight you! Featuring sports cars in outrageously fun games of soccer, now you can enjoy racing, dribbling, and scoring goals at the same time. Team up with the world’s best players to get more fun experiences!

Control your car throughout the field by tapping on the buttons for directions, and the buttons for accelerating, boosting, and jumping.

32 Secs

Take a break from the real world and speed race to the future on your bike. This racing game’s objective is to overtake every other glitzy vehicle to reach the next checkpoint gate within 32 seconds. Collect coins along the way, and run through speed boosters to accelerate.

Avoid colliding with other moving vehicles, and use the coins you collect to upgrade your vehicle’s power, brakes, handling, structure and even model!

Tap to dive and follow the arrows’ directions to perform the right poses! The goal of the game is to fill up the bar with as many points as you can until you reach the target. There is a time limit for each move, so make sure you tap and swipe as fast as you can. Collect coins while you dive by clicking on them before they disappear!

Keep an eye on the bar on the upper left; once it is full, you can use your special skills by touching the screen with two fingers

Crazy Freekick

Prepare for a free kick soccer game that is capable of delivering lots of laughs! The early levels will help you pick up the game mechanics - simply drag to aim, and then release to kick the ball into the goal. However, things begin too get crazy as you pass each challenge across the 16 stages. It seems that the opposing team will do anything to keep you from scoring, from riding on bicycles to breaking the fourth wall!

Stickman Surfer

Life is a beach, so it’s time to get surfing! Grab your board, hop on that jetski, and rev up your … motorcycle?! Enter this stickman game which takes water sports to a new surreality. Ride the tide as you dodge various obstacles which come your way from every angle. Snapping sharks, ragged rocks, and bothering birds will try their hardest to have you feeling on the soggy side.

Tap the screen to move your player up, and perform daring jumps over ferocious waves as you automatically scroll to the right in this 2D paradise.

Zombie Olé

Yara had dreams to become the best soccer player ever — that is until zombies infested the majority of the world. Instead of giving up, she uses the situation to leave an epic soccer legacy for the rest of the survivors to see. Asking her brother to film from a tall tower nearby, she pummels zombies relentlessly with her weapon of choice: her soccer ball.

Help Yara achieve her sought after dreams. Swipe both left and right to hastily move around. Bolt between zombies until they collide for a perfect “Ole.”

Golf Zero

To describe this golf game as crazy would be an understatement. Not only will you need to get the ball to the hole but you will also need to overcome various obstacles and jump on platforms, all of which will definitely test your reflexes and patience.

Slide forward or backward using the arrows on the left. Jump using the arrow up on the right and make an accurate swing using the club button.

Summer Sports: Volleyball

Is volleyball the sport you consider yourself the most skilled? Is beach volleyball your primary choice for leisure, recreation, or for refining your own set of skills? If so, this portable platform for active volleyball tournaments might work well for you! Capable of bringing together individuals passionate about the sport, you can easily create your own matches and share them with other people.

Learn what it takes to create the perfect combination for delivering powerfully in the field! Improve your power, timing and precision by actively participating in matches.

Nitro Heads

If you like virtual racing against real players, then this game is a great one to check out! De-stress, liven up, and immerse yourself in this monster cars through giant loops and across pitted roads to collect Nitro. Your goal? To win!

To control your vehicle, you must balance your ride through the rotating buttons provided. When you perform stunts, a perfect landing would mean a “happy” Nitro – or rather, a fueled one. Speed past your competitors to earn cash, then use the cash to upgrade your car for better chances of winning against your opponents!

Trial Xtreme 3

Are you ready to take on an extreme bike ride like no other? Throttle up and ride through mountains and over obstacles in this 3D racing simulator! You can choose to play alone as you test and gauge your skills, or you can play head-to-head with your Facebook friends or random players. Customize your bike and rider to suit your preferences, then hit the track!

Control your rider by tilting your device. The game’s sensitive controls can test how well you navigate your rider over slopes and ramps. Its high resolution graphics also emulate a real biking experience. Test your skills and see how far you can go in more than a hundred levels!

Turbo Kids

Run in a racing competition and aim to finish in first place! You can be Neil who runs faster with more energy or you can choose to be Winnie who carries more bullets and recovers quickly after any injury. Collect boosters during the race to help you run faster or gain more energy. Shoot bullets to cause your opponents to slow down during the race — but make sure you also don’t get hit by their attacks!

Once you get to the next level, you can upgrade your equipment to increase your character’s energy, bullet power, and speed. Play on any season — spring, summer, fall, or winter — and go through different stages for each season. See if you can surpass your opponents in this exciting race!

Golf Clash

Exhibit your aim and accuracy by playing golf right on your mobile device! Play on the fairway and the greens in a virtual 3D course. And more than that, you get to challenge other players across the globe!

To play this game, slowly drag the ball back and hold it to apply power. Next, drag the ball into the center of the blue circle and release it when the needle is in the middle to take a powerful shot. The main objective of the game is to clear the course with the fewest tries. Advance and beat other players to win amazing prizes!

Rival Gears Racing

If driving on a touch screen isn’t your thing, then this racer offers less strenuous controls while keeping things intense and competitive.

It is set in a dystopian future, where car ownership is abolished and self-driving hover vehicles are the only means of transportation allowed. You are a member of an underground movement, who longs for the good, old days of street racing.

From salvaging parts of old models, you have created your own “Hot Rod” hovercars to compete in a massive global tournament known as Rival Gears.

BFB Champions 2.0 ~Football Club Manager

Prepare to become the best soccer club manager in the world. From scouting fantasy players to managing real-life stars from great teams such as Manchester City, this simulation game will provide you with plenty of ball blasting entertainment. Are you ready to take on other players in the casual PvP Arena or intense Champions Cups?

Adjust your lineup with a few simple taps and watch how your tactics play out in automated 3D matches. Recruit players and train them in different mini-games to boost stats. Hone your strategic skills as you decide which player you should put up against the might of the world’s best teams. Play against the AI opponent and improve your managerial prowess, or compete against other aspiring managers online!

3D Pool Game

Do you miss playing pool? You can take the game anywhere with you with this mobile version! Practice your shots against challenging AI players, and polish your cornering and backshots to pocket those balls and win the match!

This 3D simulation has easy swipe-and-drag mechanics for a comfortable gameplay. Place your cue ball and swipe the pool stick to generate power for your push. Packed with various game modes, this game includes 8-ball, 9-ball, and others.

1,2,3 Fishing:World Tour

Do you miss the sound of crashing waves and the feel of reeling in fish? Relive those moments with this amazing game! Cast your line out and reel in all kinds of fish out there. Place your bait and find yourself catching some mighty rare fish that will earn you some big bucks!

Log in using your Google account or even as a guest to enjoy the exhilarating fishing experience. Create your character and study the tutorial to get the hang of things. Once you do, practice your timing to perfectly cast your line, reel it in, and once you feel a tug, pull hard! Strategically let your line run and pull it back in order to tire out the fish and, finally, land it.

Travel to different fishing areas around the world, receive rewards for every quest that you fulfill, and, finally, submit your fishing score and compete against other fishers online!

Archery King

Steady that arm and set your sights on the target to shoot that bullseye! Face off against other players in turn-based online matches, or test your archery skills with challenges across the map in single player mode.

Tap and hold the screen to pull back an arrow and zoom in on the target. Move by swiping in different directions, and let fly by releasing your hold. Different layers of the target result in different points, so aim to hit the bullseye and areas around it to receive the maximum amount before running out of arrows!

Ball King

Now is the time to dominate the streets with the widely popular game of basketball! Whether you think of yourself as a pro at hoops or not, this arcade-styled game can be great for both your leisure and relaxation needs.

Tap and hold down on the screen to form a trajectory – this will help you visualize where your ball will land. Aim as accurately as you can for the shooting board, and try to be consistent as it can randomly place itself anywhere on the screen. Be cautious of things that will make shooting harder and harder as well – the weather can interfere and the wind can sway your aim!

Drive Ahead! Sports

Play a pixel sports game where you can enjoy soccer with wacky vehicles! Feel the excitement of driving the ball towards the goal in a curved arena, while your fans watch and cheer!

Play alone or with another friend via local multiplayer; the first player who can make three goals wins the game. Drive crazy characters, such as a motorcross ninja, a monster truck viking, and more. Earn coins in every game, which can be spent on point upgrades to tweak speed, mass, or handling; acquire new characters and arenas!

Head Soccer

A real treat to soccer fans who want their games fired up with animation! It’s a duel-type of soccer game where you face one opponent from the other side and battle on outmatching each other using power kicks and jumps. This is a game perfect for kids and adults who like soccer but don’t want to deal with a whole bunch of people running around the field.

With easy controls using up, down, left and right arrows, you can easily move your characters to run across the field and intercept a free ball or jump and kick the ball while on air to score a goal. Results can be decided in a matter of seconds! Plus, you’ll get free bonus kicks once you score high.

Head Soccer La Liga 2017

Go head to head against soccer’s best in caricature form! Join teams from the Spanish League; compete in one-versus-one matches with Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others. Upgrade the famous athletes to boost their stats, or create original players with unique looks by using the built-in editor — then face off in a stadium full of cheering fans!

Select from various game modes: choose “Friendly” for a quick pick-up game, “Cup” to challenge rivals for the championship, “Survival” to endure countless matches, and “League” to earn big winnings in a 14-day series of bouts. Utilize simple, on-screen controls to move, kick, head, or perform special attacks. Score more points than your opponent before time is up to win!

Lonely One

There was a lonely one who lived all by himself. He has no friends and playmates but he has the best buddies- his golf club and ball. Make lonely golfer happy by hitting the perfect shot into the hole in this endless hilarious golf game! Experience new golf thrill as you begin swinging the virtual golf club to hit the ball!

The controls are straightforward as it looks. The objective is to score as much as you can using the three hit chances only.

NHL SuperCard 2K17

Are you waiting for NHL season to start? Play an awesome hockey game while counting down to the day of the tournament!

Bring out your inner leader – train and coach your team in this card game. Select players from your collection and appoint a “Skater” and a “Goalie”. Increase your chances of winning the “Quick Games” by training your roster. And when you feel confident, join “Season” and play against the best teams. Earn amazing player cards as your rewards to give your team a boost!

Panda Sports Games BabyBus

Meet Kiki, a cuddly and friendly panda. He dreams of winning the final gold cup, and to do that, he needs your children’s help. Teach your children the values of sportsmanship, determination, and perseverance with this olympic game!

Kiki has four sporting events to join. These are basketball, trampoline, running, and diving. Your children can control Kiki by tapping, sliding, and dragging. Also, before Kiki can win a cup, he has to get the bronze, silver, and gold medal first.

PES Club Manager

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own soccer team? If you want to know the challenges, this game is perfect for you. Hone your strategic and management skills in this simulation game built for soccer fans!

Form your own team and customize your name and uniform. Scout players that have a potential to become legends, and sign them on to your team. Upgrade your hometown’s facilities as well to increase your player’s stats.

Top Eleven

The lights go on, the players come out, the fans start screaming, and your team puts ball-to-boot to begin this phenomenal show! Managing a soccer team is by no means an easy job, it requires nerves, organization, and skill in decision making to carry the hopes and dreams of loyal fans. But get it right, and have your name written among the legends such as Alex Ferguson and Jock Stein!

Uphill Rush

Take a wild summer ride in this extreme stunt racing game set in a resort! Travel up and down sloping waterslides as you collect gold coins, smash destructible obstacles (such as beach balls, plants, and even other swimmers), and perform 360-degree flips in your Yellow Tube. But lose your balance, and you will have to restart the level.

To control your movements, tap the arrows to change directions and the rotate buttons for stability. Begin by playing as Bikini Girl or Beach Boy, and obtain more characters as you advance. Unlock cool, adorable, and wacky rides, such as dolphins, jetskis, bathtubs, and jetpacks. Want maximum speed? Activate the turbo boost!

UFB 3 (Ultra Fighting Bros) – Fight Championship

If you have enjoyed the piledriving and cage-jumping action of the previous UFB, expect only more to enjoy in this third installment! The competition has only gotten fiercer as you square off against both new and familiar faces.

As always, fighting is all about who gets to leap over the enemy and slam them down into the floor. Tap and hold to take aim. Then, release to launch your fighter to the other side of the cage. Play as one of eight fighters representing various nationalities, including two new ones from France and Japan!

Dirt Xtreme

Curious to experience bike racing in amazing spots around the world? In Machu Picchu perhaps? Compete against players online and enjoy extreme racing like no other. Here is a game that gives you simple controls and intense speed with a realistic feel of bike racing. Finish as the first in all races and become everyone’s favourite racer!

Tip-Off Basketball

Practice your aim in rounds after rounds of basket shooting. No team to manage, no player to move around, this sports game is all about the ball getting inside the hoops. Adjust the trajectory of the ball and wish your luck for it to get in. The better the shot, the higher the score.

There are different missions each round. Complete these exciting challenges and proceed to the next with the best record. Unlock new environments to play on and conquer the whole world with your prolific shooting. How many points can you make?

Tower Boxing

In this riveting arcade game, you get to see if you got the boxing power to bring down an entire tower! Tap on either side to start pummeling away while making sure to dodge the ledges that can knock you out. It comes with a very short time limit too and makes it an incredibly intense challenge of quick reflexes.

Coins can also be picked up as the tower falls down. Use them to unlock a variety of other characters, each with their own hilarious means of pulverizing each floor. From giant monsters to iconic boxing characters, try to unlock them all as you bring down as much of the tower as you can with your barrage of jabs. Take arcade boxing to new heights by knocking down an entire skyscraper!

Spike Masters Volleyball

If you are looking for volleyball games to play on your device, you can add this one to your list. This volleyball game lets you experience indoor games wherein you get to learn player positions, team rotations, and other basics of the famous sport.

You can choose from different teams like Russia, Italy, USA, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and more. Win tournaments to gain stars and unlock game features that will make tournaments even more exciting. You can also visit the game store to purchase new teams, balls and courts, and shot controls.

Hit Tennis 3

Score from love to forty in every match against the opponents that are ready to challenge your skills in all six courts around the world. Use the basic flick motion to send the ball to the other side of the court. Be flexible in your techniques by swiping it to any direction you want. It is a best three game with an equivalent experience waiting at the end.

The percentage of experience you get in each game adds up to your total experience. Level up every time you reach a hundred percent to make your play style better. Aside from that, you can also use the booster upgrades in your apartment. Have a “love-less” game and become the next world tennis champion!

Mascot Dunks

Jump and dunk using your favorite mascot! Discover your basketball skills in this fun and exciting game. Just tap on the screen to make your mascot jump, dunk the ball and score!

Practice different dunking moves like whirling dunks, boxing dunks and face-palms. You can even do a Superman Dunk like a pro player! Change into any mascot you like during the game and choose from Lions, Pitbulls, Bears, and an Astronaut Mascot. This game will surely satisfy the basketball fanatic in you!

Soccer People

Channel your inner Cristiano Ronaldo and lead your own personalized team to winning the golden cup. Manage all of your players and move them on the field using basic swipe controls. For gaming variety, you can choose any of the 22 voxel-graphic characters to be part of your team. Your main goal is to score three points before your opponent does in order to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

The best part of this game is that you have the ability to drag two players at once to move them. Basic controls are used to make play easier and more intuitive. You can even tap on the auto-control button to keep other players moving! start an enjoyable soccer competition now with your dream team today!

Fantasy Homeruns

Fantasy Baseball has been a favorite pastime among baseball fans. Simplified, this Fantasy Baseball for mobile calculates only one important statistic: Home runs. Create teams composed of custom created characters and those based on actual players.

With team building and actual league matches, stay-up-to-date using the app’s dashboard. This game records and even updates on events similar to actual baseball leagues. Unlike traditional Fantasy Baseball, pen and papers aren’t needed making this a convenient way to play.

Carrom Deluxe Free

Pocket all your chips and win the game! Carrom is a game that is similar to pool, snooker, billiards, and crokinole. Use the striker to..well, strike, then pocket the chips of your color! Just remember, this needs to be done after the red chip, or the red queen, is covered by either player.

Play this popular game on your devices; choose to battle a challenging AI, or gather some friends around the device. Are you a Carrom fiend? A pool shark? This app might be your next calling!

Basket Fall

Calling all basketball fans! Sit tight for this simple and engaging game that makes you shoot balls in just a single tap! It’s a classic basket shooting games with a twist! Here, you’ll see the ball tied to a rope just above the hoop where it continually swings!

Test your timing and tap the screen in time for the swinging ball to align with the ring! One tap is enough to break the rope and send the basketball falling! With this simple control, anyone can play the game in a snap and earn as many points as they can!

BIG WIN Basketball

Have you ever rushed home just to watch basketball? That is the mark of a true fan, someone who should be managing their own team! Well, today is your lucky day because this app simulates a basketball game and will let you experience being a great coach, right from your digital device!

If you desperately love basketball or have leadership skills, now is your chance to create your own dream team! Simply tap a player and assign them a position. Train and give them a strength power-up, such as lay ups and three pointer skills. You will be able to relax on your couch and watch them battle it out on the court!

Boom Boom Football

An RPG-esque soccer simulation game that will let you experience brand new touchdown thrills is here! Creating your all-star football team is now possible, right at your fingertips! To win, you need the right cards! Level-up, boost and evolve your players, or combine them to increase their stats.

Tap to begin the clash of cards which allows you to play both offensive and defensive. There are varieties of players. Each player is classified into 5 stat levels - bronze, silver, gold, platinum and all-star. The controls are simple; just tap the circled green target to score or block!

Dude Perfect 2

Basketball may sometimes be seen as simply a sport of shooting a ball into a basket, but this is a game of strategic mind-bending physics. This game requires precision to score using a variety of balls, including even a bowling ball!

Basketball fans as well as physics junkies will love shooting the ball by simply sliding your finger to control the strength. But that is not all, the game gets interesting with different challenges and obstacles arising. Try to keep your momentum going by minimizing tries as you become limited by how many shots can be taken. Focus on accuracy, and enjoy a quick game without a time limit.

DunkDog Dreams

Play as a cool dog who is always looking for hoops and dunks in this runner street basketball game! Dipping the ball into the hoop is not that easy. A pack of street dogs will not allow you to take their ring. Break their knees by tapping the shoe button to perform crossover and spins. Tap the arrow button to defend your ball.

The objective is to surpass those dog defenders while avoiding the fouls. Now, set back, relax and show your ankle breaking dribbling skills! Experience new hoop rush as you jump your way through the final hoop to perform a dunk! All you need to do is tap the shoe button to jump, wait for the board to light and then hit the ball button. It is a dunk!

Fishing Break

Ready your bait and brace yourself for catching virtual fishes from the lake! This classic fishing simulator game features different locations on each level! With the game’s cartoony design, kids will have a great time casting their fishing rods like a pro!

Just slide your finger right to cast the rod and wait for a fish to take the bait. Reeling is done with a simple tap and hold, but catching the fish takes strategy! View their defense level and compare it with your power. Stronger fish offer more resistance so beware! Pull them out of the water without snapping your line!

Goal Finger

Have an itch to kick a soccer ball and play a friendly match with your pals? But can’t go to the soccer field due to a hectic schedules? Take that frown from your face! Enjoy kicking soccer balls, scoring goals, competing against other players online, and devising football strategies in this turn-based 3v3 soccer game!

Swipe the arrows to move your players. You can change the direction of the arrow in the options. Tap on the field to switch between players. The first team to score 2 points are declared as the winner. Gain points by scoring a goal or pushing your 3 opponents into the net. Use your wits! Anticipating your opponent’s move is also a key to winning!

Now you can be at the course anytime, all of the time. Play mini golf whenever and wherever you want. Coffee break at work? You mean golf break! Lunch time? Now it is golf time! Stuck in the dreaded meeting-that-should-have-been-an-email? Time for a few rounds of golf!

Gameplay is so easy and simple, your kids could play this game. Just long press and move your finger on the screen to aim. Drag your finger further away from the touch point to increase the power of your swing. That is it, now you are ready to start hitting those birdies.

Hockey Clicker

Are you the biggest hockey fan around? Does it drive you nuts that your responsibilities keep you away from the sport you love? Then strap on your skates and hit those bar downs in this hockey game for busy adults. Prepare to be amazed, because this app is definitely a barn burner.

The goal of the game is simple: tap the biscuit to score goals and earn cash. Use that cash to recruit and train members to create the ultimate hockey team. Then challenge players from around the world, or form teams with them to earn bonuses. Now all you need is some champagne for the celebrations!

Ending thoughts on iPhone sports games

There’s a long line of top notch sports games throughout videogame history. Take any moderately popular sport, and you’ll probably find it’s available in some kind of simulated form.

Off course, sports games don’t necessarily need to be dry simulations. Developers can take the core rulesets of familiar sports and go off on a tangent, or even invent completely new sports of their own.

The result is that whether you’re naturally sporty or not, you’ll probably enjoy the vast majority of these fine sports games.

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