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Four decades later, Caitlyn Jenner again graces the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’


After 40 years, Caitlyn Jenner is back on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The magazine revealed its July 4 cover early Tuesday morning.

Jenner last graced the cover of Sports Illustrated when she won a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games.

In the time since, the athlete-turned-reality star has used her platform both as a celebrity and as a transgender woman to advocate for LGBTQ rights. Her Sports Illustrated profile reflects on her Olympic decathlon win and her life after.

It also, with her permission, refers to Jenner using male pronouns when discussing her 1976 win. Writer Tim Layden explains the editorial choice:

Last spring, in the wake of Jenners announcing her transition, GLAAD (formerly an acronym for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation but now simply the organizations title, representative of a broader mission that includes transgender people) issued a series of guidelines, including one that Jenner be referred to asCaitlynorsheorher, even in reference to the events of 1976. Most transgender people choose to leave their pretransition lifeand namefar behind. Jenner, however, often talks about Bruce. ‘Caitlyn doesnt mind,’ says Nick Adams, director of programs, transgender media for GLAAD, and a transgender male. ‘She has this world of fame in her past. The fact that it doesnt grate on her like it does most trans people is unique.’

The profile is available in full on Sports Illustrated‘s website.

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