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Here’s How Much A Can Of Coke Will Cost You Under The New “Sugar Tax”


Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne announced yesterday (as part of the budget) that a tax on sugary drinks would be introduced.

To give fizzy drinks companies the chance to amend their recipes (presumably taking out some sugar, andminimising the amount of extra tax people willhave to pay), this tax won’t come into play until 2018, but from then, coke will be costing around 24p more per litre.

There are two leviesto the tax: one targeting drinks with their total sugar content as more than 5g per 100ml, and another – higher – taxfor drinks with more than 8g per 100ml.

You cancheck the sugar content of some of your favourites here:

Under 5g per 100ml

Powerade (4.1g), Tango Orange (4.2g), Lilt (4.6g)

Between 5 and 8g per 100ml

Sprite (6.6g), Fanta (6.9g)

Over 8g per 100ml

Lucozade (8.7g), Vimto (9.1g), Ribena (9.9g), Dr. Pepper (10.3g), Irn Bru (10.5g), Um Bongo Tropical (10.5g), Pepsi (10.6g), Coca-Cola (10.6g), 7up (10.6g), Red Bull (11g), Coca-Cola Cherry (11.2g), Schloer Red Grape (11.5g), Old Jamaican Ginger Beer (16g).

The drinks with over 8g will cost 8p more per can, and the ones over 5g will incur an extra 6p tax.

The government are estimating that 520 million will be raised for this tax: money that they’re planning on investing into primary school sports.

Do you think the sugar tax is a good idea? Let us know in the comments!

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Image Credits: Daily Mail, The Science of Eating

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