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10 Reasons Los Angeles Will Be A Better Place Once An NFL Team Arrives




Two years ago, I moved from Boston to Los Angeles. While the weather was amazing and the people were beautiful, something was missing.

There were no gruff Irish men on street corners complaining about the Pats; there were no grimy bars covered in sports paraphernalia, and when football season rolled around, there was no hype.

A sports culture exists in Los Angeles, but it’s greatly impaired by the fact that we have no football team.

Here are some of the reasons why the NFL coming to Los Angeles in 2016 would be a Godsend:

1. The Chargers are close, but not close enough

Rooting for the Chargers is fine, but we aren’t San Diego.

While we’re sort of close in distance, Los Angeles and San Diego are completely different cities. It’s hard to root for a team that isn’t ingrained in the culture of your city.

We can only watch Philip Rivers complain to the refs for so long before we start jumping ship. 

2. The Northern California teams are way too far

We could say “f*ck you” to the Chargers and be die-hard 49ers or Raiders fans, but that’s a sad reality because Northern and Southern California might as well be different states.

The decision further divides LA fans and causes tension at sports bars across town. Also, who wants to be a Raiders fan unless they HAVE to?

3. Everyone defaults to his/her hometown team

It’s hard to learn to love a city when it doesn’t have a home team. Inevitably, when you’re around passionate fans and constant rampart, you start to fall into the camaraderie.

LA doesn’t have a sense of unity because everyone falls back on the team with which they grew up. It’s no fun sitting at a bar with a mashup of Seahawks, Packers and Giants fans. It’s actually pretty awkward. 

4. Sports in Los Angeles are no joke

We have awesome franchises in other sports. Why have we gone so long without spreading the love to football? We have two baseball teams, two basketball teams and a hockey team.

The Dodgers were World Series contenders this year, as were the Angels. If we can breed successful teams in other sports, we can surely develop a solid football program. 

5. New swag

A whole new team means all new swag and new logos. If we get the Rams, our retro game will be so strong.

There is so much potential, and that potential will translate into awesome jerseys, hats and trinkets.

6. Controversy

A team relocation and a new stadium is just asking for controversy.

There are rumors that the Rams’ owner is part of the group trying to build the stadium. Will the Rams REALLY leave St. Louis? Will the Raiders drag their sorry asses down here?

Who’s gonna call LA their home and who is gonna be pissed about it? It’s all one big television show.

7. Tailgating

Because chillin’ in the back of a pick-up truck in an enormous parking lot, blasting music and getting wasted in the middle of LA just sounds like a weird time. In the best way.

8. Los Angeles is warm

The Rams should be dying to get out of St. Louis, anyway. The weather here is perfect for football and our stadium wouldn’t have a lousy roof over it.

9. Los Angeles is rich

There are plenty of wealthy Beverly Hills businessmen who would love to blow fat stacks on a private box or sideline seats. They won’t bat an eye at the $12 beers and the sky-high parking rates.

If Steve Balmer can swoop in and buy the Clippers for a cool $2 billion, someone in LA will surely pay up for the NFL.

10. Football is America’s sport

In the most beautiful and wholesome city in the country, people are dying to rally behind a home team.

Sarcasm aside, Los Angeles could use a team to promote community and togetherness. If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s chugging beer and rooting for the same team.

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